From the creator of ‘Sky Orb’, here comes ‘Beautiful’… It sucks to have big, frizzy hair and a decidedly average body… when you really want to have model good looks and a cool boyfriend. That’s why Lily’s on a mission to get beautified, or at least get a red-hot makeover. And the attention of her crush. Now if she could only stop that pesky unwanted visitor from messing with her plans! More about ‘Beautiful’: Teenager Lily gets a lot of messages about what it means to be a successful and desirable woman in today’s world. Seems like the bottom line is, you’ve got to have gorgeous looks, a winning personality… and a cute boyfriend to prove it! Through quirky humor and expressive artwork, the graphic novel ‘Beautiful’ takes you on poignant journey through the inner and outer voices we all struggle with. And Lily’s ultimate discovery about the true nature of life itself. Tween readers will enjoy ‘Beautiful’, while educators and therapists will find it a helpful teaching tool for women and girls of all ages.